A Compassionate Expression of Women’s Rights.

I find myself angry of late. Angry at the national dismantling of women’s rights. Angry at the blatant disregard for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of those who just happen to bare the gestation end of reproduction. Women make up half the population and we need to be seen as equals and our bodies need to be respected. And yes, anger wells in me over these issues. But, I was listening to an Oprah Super Soul podcast the other day where she is interviewing Sister Joan and the Sister’s words helped me put my anger in another perspective. She spoke of taking that anger and harnessing it and transforming it into grace. She spoke of allowing the anger and using the anger to help fuel the passion for the betterment of humanity. And so, I figured out how to be angry with compassion, how to express my seething disapproval for our government through art. How to share my message in a way that does not harm others and hopefully in a way that brings new perspective, understanding, empathy, and greater compassion.

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