What I Stand For:

1) Compassion as a way of life.

2) True equality. This doesn’t mean everyone is the same, it means everyone is afforded the same respect and basic human rights.

3) Being an ally to just causes. This means I’m an ally for Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ+ community, the Me Too Movement, Pro-Choice, and any other  organization or movement that addresses issues of and stands against inequality, sexism, racism, the abolishment of human rights, and any other unethical monster rearing its ugly head against the evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

4) Love. I stand for universal love. Which means I stand for you and I stand for me and I stand for us. Even in the face of hate or fear or anger, I choose to stand for and stand in love.

5) Truth. I stand for speaking my truth and hearing your truth and learning the universal truth. And, although I know our perspectives can alter, skew, and distort the truth, I strive to step back from my ego and see the middle ground, I strive to understand you and express myself in hopes you will understand me. Because, deep down, in my most optimistic of hearts, I believe humanity can do better, be better, and serve one another better.

Please share, what do you stand for?

May the light within me recognize, respect, and love the light within you.

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