Welcome to Compassionate Nation

Designed with the intention of fostering a safe place to discuss life’s deeper concerns, Compassionate Nation welcomes people from all walks of life to use this site as a hub for open, honest, and empathy driven communication on issues that can often evoke intense emotional response. Because only through truly listening to one another, embracing and striving to understand our differences while discovering common ground, sharing what weighs on our hearts and minds with the pure intention of building compassion, can we heal our world, our country, our neighbors, our selves.

The original vision for this site was admittedly less political in nature than what has manifested. But, as I began writing posts and building the theme for this blog, I found myself feeling stifled by my own plans of keeping politics out of it. I realized that as much as I enjoy the idea of maintaining a more neutral position, that’s just not who I am. I’m not someone who can stand by and silently watch as political policies divide our nation, nor can I stomach the powers-that-be utilizing mass fear and propaganda to dupe our citizens into supporting non-compassionate policies and voting against their own best interests. This is not a political party issue, as there have been great abuses on each side; this is a humanitarian issue. Let’s forget for a minute what we are against and start figuring out what we are for. My guess is that if we all sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea together, we’d discover there is more within our nature that unites us than divides us.

As a citizen of the United States in this current political climate, and as a fellow human being trying to navigate this world in what seems to be increasingly uncertain times, I find myself unable to separate my goal of growing compassionate awareness from my observation of a political system that often seems bent on accommodating methods that can only be described as directly opposing that goal.

And so, Compassionate Nation has come to be a place to discuss the national, world, political, and social issues that are breeding ignorance, greed, and a total lack of caring for our fellow human beings and this beautiful planet we share. More than that, it is a place to brainstorm solutions and get the message out there that we, the people, have the power to change this world for the better. We can let our voices be heard and find ways to peacefully transform our lives and the lives of those who will inherit this world. Together, through education, active listening, and open, honest, respectful conversation we can make a difference. Together, we can create a compassionate nation.

Here at Compassionate Nation, you will find three main categories for posts:

  • The Concerns & Possible Solutions category, where you can find posts on social/political issues that I personally view as promoting anti-compassionate and often cruel outcomes, as well as my proposed solution to addressing these issues in a compassionate manner. I also invite comments and feedback in this section as I am hoping to open up discussions on these matters. I’m looking to inspire others to brainstorm solutions with me. How can we address these concerns and change these policies for the betterment of all?
  • The Personal Wellness category is a personal passion of mine. For how can we find compassion for others if we cannot find it for ourselves? And, the fact is, we live in a world where mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, suicidal thoughts/actions, and mass shootings are a very real problem. On a personal level, the struggle for mental health and happiness has been an issue that has directly affected me, my family, and some very dear friends. The fact is, we could all use a little mental/emotional TLC every now and then, and this category of Compassionate Nation is meant to give just that. It is the place to visit when you need to know that you’re not alone in your struggles, others have been there and managed to come out the other side. It is a place to go for support and to lend support to. I welcome questions, comments, and discussions to take place here. I’m here for anyone who needs someone to listen, and my hope is that we can grow a community of people who come here to listen and share with each other.
  • The Resources & Inspiration category is where I will post recommendations for other forms of media, (books, blogs, podcasts, movies, etc.), that I believe either carry a powerfully important message to share or provide valuable information on building personal and global compassion. Think of it as Compassionate Nation’s map to like-minded resources. And, of course, if you have any suggestions that I haven’t listed, please share!

Please feel free to explore this site, comment on posts, and engage in conversations. Also, please remember to be respectful and compassionate, as we want to keep this a safe place to share and be heard. This is not meant to silence your feelings. Passion is encouraged, it’s okay to be angry, and swearing is a personal preference. But, attacking an individual directly is not condoned here. If someone says something that angers you, please remember that opinions aren’t people. It’s okay to disagree with an opinion, it’s okay to discuss the issue at hand, it’s not okay to criticize or belittle a person’s character, personality, or being.

Thank you for being here and welcome to Compassionate Nation.

With gratitude,