Welcome to Compassionate Nation

Designed with the intention of fostering a safe place to discuss life’s deeper concerns, Compassionate Nation welcomes people from all walks of life to use this site as a hub for open, honest, and empathy driven communication on issues that can often evoke intense emotional response. Because only through truly listening to one another, embracing and striving to understand our differences while discovering common ground, sharing what weighs on our hearts and minds with the pure intention of building compassion, can we heal our world, our country, our neighbors, our selves.

Compassionate Nation is also a place of learning and provides links to an ever growing number of resources such as books, podcasts, and videos on subjects ranging from personal growth to global awareness.

Please feel free to explore this site, comment on posts, and engage in conversations. Also, please remember to be respectful and compassionate, as we want to keep this a safe place to share and be heard. This is not meant to silence your feelings. Passion is encouraged, it’s okay to be angry, and swearing is a personal preference. But, attacking an individual directly is not condoned here. If someone says something that angers you, please remember that opinions aren’t people. It’s okay to disagree with an opinion, it’s okay to discuss the issue at hand, it’s not okay to criticize or belittle a person’s character, personality, or being.

Thank you for being here and welcome to Compassionate Nation.